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The County Farm to Food Bank program strengthens our local food economy by supporting Montgomery County farmers and provides better access to fresh, local, nutritious food for residents experiencing food insecurity. Manna Food Center purchases produce, eggs, meat and other  products from local farms thanks to grant funding from Montgomery County and the Greater Washington Community Foundation. Your products are then donated to hunger relief organizations through Manna’s Community Food Rescue program. Volunteer food runners will pick up and deliver for you.

Resources for Montgomery County Farmers

If you are a Montgomery County farmer who wants to sell your products, use the resources below to get started. For more information, contact Susan Wexler, CFR Outreach Coordinator.

Learn About Foods that Assistance Providers Want

We asked CFR network food assistance providers to rank the types of produce, meat, and eggs their clients most desire. Click here to view the results of a survey that might guide your planting and products you offer to the County Farm to Food Bank program in 2022.

Montgomery County Farm to Food Bank Guide

This step-by-step guide details how to sell your Montgomery County grown products to Manna Food Center and includes links to the Pricing Spreadsheet, the ChowMatch tool, and important contact information. Note that you can only make offers using the ChowMatch web-based tool (you can not use the ChowMatch mobile app).

Price Sheet

Prices on this Price Sheet are based on a survey conducted by the Montgomery County Food Council and Office of Ag staff of various local farms including conventional, certified naturally grown, and organic growers. If you have a product to sell that is not yet on the sheet or want to negotiate existing pricing, please contact Jenna Umbriac and she will work with you. Our goal is to find a price that is between wholesale and retail.

 Invoice Template

Once you’ve sold your products to Manna, use this Invoice Template to bill Manna Food Center. You don’t need to use the template but please include all the same information when you invoice. Payment will be made 30 days upon receipt of invoice.

Montgomery County Farm to Food Bank Video

This presentation walks you through the important steps on how to use the ChowMatch application to make sale offers to Manna Food Center. The video also shows you how to donate your products through Community Food Rescue.  If you don’t know what ChowMatch is or you don’t know there is a different process for purchase vs. donation, this video is for you!  You can download the presentation slides here.

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Donate your Products

For any products that you are unable to sell you can donate them through Community Food Rescue and receive a Maryland state tax credit. Click here to learn more.

Contact Information

Montgomery County Farm to Food Bank Program

General Questions: Susan Wexler, CFR Outreach Coordinator 

Pricing and Invoicing: Jenna Umbriac, Manna Food Center Program Director

Community Food Rescue 

Food Donations, Cheryl Kollin, CFR Program Director


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