About Us

About CFR

Community Food Rescue, a program of Manna Food Center, is the coordinated food recovery network of Montgomery County, Maryland. This program enhances the good work of businesses, individuals, and organizations that already recover and redistribute perfectly good food to people experiencing hunger.

Our Progress

The map below shows our growing network of food donor businesses (green) and food assistance provider organizations (red.) Check out our members page for a list of all these great organizations working to feed more and waste less!

Our History

Community Food Rescue grew out of the vision of the Montgomery County Council. In 2012, inspired by a campus food recovery program organized by students at the University of Maryland, College Park, the County Council adopted and funded the Montgomery County Food Council’s action plan to create a coordinated, collaborative food recovery network called Community Food Rescue. We are proud members of the Food Council’s Recovery and Access Working Group that continues to support and advise us. Community Food Rescue is generously supported by Montgomery County, Burness, the Mead Foundation and other private funders.

Our Team

Community Food Rescue is a program of Manna Food Center. We’re passionate about our mission and serious about our work to help reduce hunger and food waste. Here are the people who make the CFR network work:

Cheryl Kollin

Cheryl Kollin

CFR Program Director
E-mail Cheryl
(240) 268-2502

Jenna Umbriac

Manna Program Director

Mardia Dennis

Manna Development and Communications Director

Annarose Kennedy

CFR Coordinator
E-mail Annarose
(240) 268-2548

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