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NEW Vaccination Policy and Requirements for All CFR Volunteers

If you wish to be a volunteer food runner, please send a completed Vaccine Confirmation form and a copy of your vaccine card to the Manna CEO at Those who do not receive the vaccine and who do not have an approved accommodation will be unable to volunteer with Manna and CFR until further notice. Volunteers who seek an exemption from this policy because of a medical reason or a sincerely held religious belief must submit the Request for Medical Accommodation form or Request for Religious Accommodation form to the Manna CEO at You can review the complete Manna vaccination policy here. Please direct any questions to the Manna CEO, at

Community Food Rescue depends on volunteers who can transport food from businesses to food assistance organizations. 

Join us if you have a vehicle, a good driving record, and a few extra hours to transport food on a regular, weekly basis, or just for a one-time food run. You choose the food runs that fit your schedule. Follow the easy steps below to get started with our free food matching app, ChowMatch.

Be Safe
Food Safety Tips
for Food Runners

Read our County-approved Food Safety Guidelines for handling and transporting recovered food, and download helpful forms and check-lists. Learn how the Good Samaritan Act protects food recovery donors from liability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Thank you!

We celebrate food donors and recipient organizations working together. Your business will be listed on the CFR website, in blog posts, E-newsletters and social media. 

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