Community Food Rescue Week

October 13-20, 2018

Community Food Rescue Week October 13-20, 2018

Celebrate the power of community to eliminate hunger in Montgomery County! Learn what our innovative Community Food Rescue network of businesses, volunteers, and hunger relief organizations is doing to end hunger and food waste. Go to

The Simple Solution for Feeding More & Wasting Less

The Community Food Rescue network of businesses, volunteers and hunger relief organizations is committed to eliminating hunger and food waste here in Montgomery County. We use innovative technology to find perfectly good food that local businesses would have thrown away, and dispatch volunteers to deliver it to agencies serving people who may not know where their next meal will come from.

How You Can Help



Local farms and businesses with unsaleable and unused foods - donate to hunger relief organizations.



Volunteers - transport food from donating businesses to food assistance groups.



Food pantries, churches, other food assistance groups - receive donated food, based on your needs and delivered to your doorstep.

How it Works

Learn how Community Food Rescue works in this animated video.

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Learn More About ChowMatch

Feeding more and wasting less is easy with our ChowMatch web application tool and mobile app.

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In Montgomery County

3 children infographic

1 in 3 children in our public schools receive free or reduced price meals

food waste infographic

146,000 tons (23%)
of the county’s solid
waste is food waste

family in house infographic

78,000 residents may not
know where their next
meal will come from

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