Food Safety for Food Recipients

Food Safety for Recipient Organizations

Thank you joining the Community Food Rescue Network to help us feed more and waste less! Below is everything you need to know about safe handling of donated food.

Food Safety Video

Watch this short, informative food safety video for recipient organizations.

Food Recipient Organizations video 

Food Safety Guidelines & Brochures

All CFR participants must follow county approved Food Safety Guidelines for safe handling, transportation and distribution of rescued food, which are available for download and printing.


How do you know if food is safe to eat, even if the label is past the current date or a can is slightly dented? How do you properly store, thaw, cook, and freeze different types of foods? Read CFR’s Food Safety Brochure to find out, available as downloadable PDFs in these languages: English, French, Korean, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese.


If you’d like printed copies of English or and Spanish language brochures, please contact the CFR Director,

Food Safety for Recipient Organizations

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