Food Safety for Food Runners

Food Safety for Volunteer Food Runners

Thank you for helping to transport food from food donors to food assistance organizations! Below is everything you need to know to make sure you handle and transport food safely.

Watch these short, informative food safety videos for food runners.

Food Runner Guidelines For
Food Donation Pick Up & Delivery

Hand Washing Techniques for Food Safety

Food Safety Webinar

   Food Safety Webinar from Community Food Rescue on Vimeo.


All CFR participants must follow county approved Food Safety Guidelines for safe handling, transportation and distribution of rescued food, which are available for downloading and printing. You’ll need to read these Guidelines and watch the videos above before taking the food safety quiz when you sign up in ChowMatch.

How do you know if food is safe to eat, even if the label is past the current date or a can is slightly dented? How do you properly store, thaw, cook, and freeze different types of foods? Read CFR’s Food Safety Brochure to find out, available as downloadable PDFs in these languages: English, French, Korean, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

If you’d like printed copies of English or and Spanish language brochures, please contact the CFR Director,

Food Safety for Food Runners


Food Safety Tools

Food Safety Tools

Take these items on every food run:

Take these items on food runs that require time and temperature control:

CFR hat, car magnet & postcards


Alcohol swabs

Insulated bag

Thermal Blanket

Thermal Blanket

Freezer Brix

Freezer Brix

If you’ll be handling produce or loose bakery items, make sure to take:

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